In this hobby, we also find other groups besides the reptiles, like frogs, toads and salamanders or newts also known as the amphibians.

Many of these animals require a specialized type of care, housing, and breeding. We’ll make sure you’re always well informed on these topics and can help with every aspect of your purchase and home care.

Due to the enormous diversity within these groups, well only briefly inform you on the main subgroups.



Frogs are a group of amphibians that can be placed in various subcategories in relation to their built, habitat or evolutionary path.

Although in captivity we tend to simplify this by placing most of them either in the poison dart frog category or the treefrog category.

Most frogs have a permeable skin, that is always slightly moist. Many frogs have quite smooth skin, but many exceptions apply.


Another very clear difference between the two categories can also be seen at the feet. Treefrogs have more distinct toes with suction cups.

More frogs prefer a humid climate, but not all like water and can even drown, so this must be taken into consideration when creating their housing.

Many amphibians lay their eggs in or near water and the young, that are called tadpoles need these circumstances to grow, after a few weeks they develop legs and start leaving the water.

Poison dart frogs

The poison dart frogs are very vividly coloured to display their toxicity. Treefrogs have less coloration but are able to change their colour during the day.



Toads are another well-known species of amphibian and are not so easily distinguished from frogs. A common misconception is that toads have a bobbly skin type, but many are smooth. Toads do tend to be found in more temperate climates and many species can grow to quite a big size. Their appetites are legendary.

Cause like frogs, many need humid climates and this needs to be considered when creating their housing.

Also keep in mind that a lot of toad species are poisonous and therefore hard to combine or keep with other species.


Salamanders/ newts

Salamanders/ newts are a group of amphibians that are clearly distinct from frogs and toads due to the fact that they have longer, slender body types as well as a tail.

We can place them in different categories like land dwelling or water dwelling species, also there are eel salamanders and worm salamanders.

The water dwelling species have a more flattened tail and webbing between their toes. Most species are poisonous, and all can be very territorial which makes them difficult to house with each other or with other species.

Just like frogs and toads, most species start of as a larvae or tadpole and slightly change into their more adult form, or even go through a metamorphosis from an aquatic animal to a terrestrial animal.