Vision and policy

Exotic petshop Kameleon finds the overall wellbeing of animals of the utmost importance, and we manage our shop accordingly. We do everything in our power to have the best possible care for the animals and also the best knowledge and will make sure that our staff is educated at the highest level. We’re also very selective about the items we sell in regard to animal care, we always test all of our products extensively and only after we find them to be of a good standard, they’ll find a way onto our shelves. We’ll always be able to provide you with the best product advice because of this fact.

Our policy on buying animals is always to have captive bred specimens and we’ve created a vast professional network of breeders to supply our store. We only sell to adults or children with adult supervision and only when we can assure that the animal will be housed in a setting, suitable for their needs. If you have any comments about the way we manage our business or in a way that might enhance the wellbeing of the animals, we will always be available to talk to our customers about it. We learn a great deal of the experiences of hobbyists and they play a crucial role in keeping us in touch with the latest insights on animal wellbeing and product availability.


Exotic pet shop Kameleon also provide educational services on location, and we can provide any program in regard to your wishes. We can visit schools or educational centres for workshops and lectures. It’s also possible to give lectures and lessons in any type of setting and on any subject, this is also a possibility for scientific studies.

Shoots and films

The Kameleon can assist in photoshoots, commercials, musical videos, and feature films. We make a realistic plan, make arrangements for the animals and provide all the animal handling on location. Cause of our extensive experience we guarantee the highest care for the animal wellbeing, so the customer will have a fantastic end product.


The team

Exotic pet shop Kameleon demands a high standard of knowledge and care for animals as well as love for the hobby, which is represented in our qualified, expert staff. Our experience in the field of animal care is our greatest asset and this is actually our most important product as well. We always aim to keep this to the highest level possible and therefore our staff will always keep their education at the desired level and also input from our customers is very important to better understand your needs.


Bjorn Beun (1)

Bjorn Beun, he’s our go-to guy for all kinds of work in and around the shop. He’s very handy and will assist in all our terrarium builds. He will also do our much-needed shopping and will always be available for some friendly conversation and a cup of coffee.

Robert-jan Compier (2)

Robert-jan Compier is the shop manager and has worked for the company since 2005. Robert-jan is responsible for maintaining our animal stock as well as our inventory. He’s our in-house terrarium builder and makes real pieces of art with matching furniture in all kinds of materials.

His knowledge on reptiles and amphibians is vast and he’s fully licenced. If you have any questions about animal care, behaviour, and care, he’s your man. Also, he can advise you on all matters regarding products.

Robert-jan has had a large collection of reptiles and amphibians over the years and has specialized himself in the breeding of various boa species and is well respected as a professional breeder.

Rogier van Rossem (3)

Rogier van Rossem is the owner of the Kameleon and has been involved in the company first as a customer at the age of six, giving him more than 40 years of experience with these animals. He started working at the Kameleon from the age of 15, after when he became shop manager very quickly. In 2005 he took over the shop from Reinier Plooijer.

Because of his experience and knowledge, Rogier partly developed the needed educational programs to become a licenced keeper/ breeder. He was also part of the committee that decided the official guidelines for exams in the fields.

He has written several books and articles about herpetology and has been a lecturer and speaker on various conferences regarding herpetology.

In 2008 he founded the Herpetofauna foundation because of his love for conservation, education and research and they now support various programs in over 23 countries around the world. As chair of the nature education centre “Valleike” in Tilburg, he’s often involved in policies surrounding animal welfare.

Rogier is active in different boards of directors of internationally acclaimed organisation that work in the field of animal care and conservation.

Fabian Dekkers (4)

Fabian Dekkers, is one of our general employees that is fully licenced and qualified to give information on many animal groups and these also include reptiles and amphibians. He’s a very enthusiastic hobbyist that has a great love for invertebrates.
Fabian will be able to help you with all your needs and is eager to share his knowledge.

Wesley Ramakers (5)

Wesley Ramakers, is one of our general employees that is also fully licenced and qualified in the field of reptiles and amphibians.

He has developed a vast knowledge on frogs over the years and also has vast knowledge on spiders and other invertebrates.

His hobby has grown to a small business of his own that he manages on the days when he’s not advising customers at the Kameleon.