The products that are available for terrarium animals are extremely divers, as a specialized pet shop we have most of them in stock like, terrariums, housing material, supplements, lighting and much, much more.

The products you select, directly contribute to the wellbeing of the animals and therefore we’re always available to inform and advice you to choose the right ones for your pet. We follow all innovations and make sure our assortment is always up to date.

Unfortunately, we hear and see a lot of poor judgement when selecting the right products for animals and therefore we’ll always take adequate time to help you and your pet.

Ordering products

Pet shop Kameleon doesn’t have a standardized webshop, this however doesn’t mean that product can’t be ordered and shipped. We believe in good advice regarding all products, so we can make sure that you have the best possible match between your animal and the needed product.

If you want to order any products from us, just fill out the contact form with your wishes and we’ll get back to you with the invoice and shipping rates. After we receive payment, your order will be shipped out immediately.
NB we don’t ship any animals or feeder insects.



Terraria are available in all shapes and sizes and also the finishing touches can be extremely divers. In most cases this has got to do with taste, but the primary goal must always be to provide your animal with the correct living environment.

A few factors are important to keep in mind while selecting your housing. Size does matter, so keep in mind how big your animal will grow and how fast it will get there. The activity level is also important as well as the amount and sexes of the animals.

As a company we encourage to create as large and natural habitats as possible and always have many terraria and aquaterrarium in stock. We also built them in many types of materials and will help with decorating if needed.

Transportation to your location is also possible. What you can think up, we can create. This way, you’ll guaranteed to have a beautiful piece of nature in your home.


Lighting is probably one of the most vital elements in keeping any type of exotic animal. Reptiles and amphibians are all coldblooded animals and need heat! Heat emitting light bulbs are a must have in any terrarium.

Besides heat, many animals also need sunlight, which we provide by using UV lighting. There are many types of UV light bulbs, and we always look towards the needs of the animal when giving advice on this topic.

This product group is always undergoing a lot of change and innovation and we’ll keep you up to date on any changes that might be beneficial for your animals. In our shop, you can find all the major brands and we can also make a lighting plan for your terrarium.

On site we have a light testing centre to demonstrate the various lights but also test the quality of your lightbulbs (UV).


Decoration is one of the most fun aspects of the hobby, in which you can transform an empty space into a piece of nature.We have many types of substrates, wood, plants, rocks and ornaments for every type of habitat. Every week we get new materials and can help you select the best ones.

In many cases decorating can be quite challenging and our employees are always at your back and call to advise and assist.

Food items

Food items are very divers, and we always have many types of feeder insects and mammals in stock, live food and frozen are both available.

Cause we breed much of these at our location, you’re guaranteed the best quality and nutritional value. We also sell food for your food, so you can keep them for longer periods of time, while maintaining their quality.

If you have specific wishes in regard to availability, we can always reserve your order.

Climate control

Climate control is very important for all terrarium inhabitants. The climate is comprised of heat, ventilation, and humidity. To heat up, products like heat cables, rocks and ceramic lamps are available. And can be connected to thermostats for fine tuning.

We also sell mist makers and sprinkler systems to get the humidity to the right level.

Health care

Health care for exotic animal scan be quite hard, many animals don’t show symptoms and that’s why our preference goes out to prevention.

The right supplements are extremely important in the health of your pet, also maintenance of the housing is crucial for a long and healthy life.

Close inspection of your animals can help detect problems as ecto parasites and with our help, you can start the right treatment.

Our company always has a great range of supplements and other health products in stock. Please let us advise you in the way you can care for your beloved pet.