Exotic pet shop Kameleon has a large stock of enclosures for your favourite pet. We specialize in custom builds. Your specific wishes and desires as well as those of the animals will decide the type of terrarium that we will supply you with.

After we’ve selected the animal of your choice, or you supply us with that information, we’ll start working on a project plan with you. We will decide the types of materials that you want us to use like wood panelling, glass, or other materials you desire. The size of the enclosure and custom touches are determined through a thorough checklist of your choices.

We can also supply you with all the terrarium technique necessary for optimal living conditions for your animal and also install it all, as well as all the enrichment so your dream terrarium will also be the perfect housing for your reptile or amphibian.

We can build on very small scale but can also handle very large projects for schools, zoos, and the professional breeder.

If you like more information about all the options, please feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be in contact with you shortly after to answer any questions you might have.



Projects will be developed with regard to all the wishes that you, the client will have. Our goal is to create your vision in real life. To make sure that the ideas are viable and also benefit the wellbeing of the animals a few brainstorm sessions will be planned before the project takes shape.


After we get a clear picture of your vision, we’ll start with a first draft of the design. Cause we can build quite a lot in house means the client doesn’t have a lot of hassle in regard to logistics and built. We can alter the design through the entire project, so it will meet your standards as well as your ideas.


Exotic pet shop Kameleon has years of experience in large scale projects for business, schools, and animal parks.

Our goal is to develop your vision while ensuring the highest wellbeing for the animals. In these projects we assist where possible and are involved from the drawing board to the finished project. When needed we can also assist on the technical side with the architect or developer so the client can sit back and see their project grow.

A very important aspect is service, and we believe this is not only relevant in the building stages but goes far beyond the scope of the project. After completion we’re always available for advice, service, and maintenance on location as well as restoration.


Private owner

The terrarium hobby has grown exponentially over the last few years and so have the demand for the types of animals and housing.

With all those specific wishes, no one terrarium is the same or should be. People have different lifestyles; interior design wishes and levels of expertise. This requires a custom approach, and we believe that you’re not a number and the wellbeing of your animals is our first priority.

All the enclosures you buy from us come from our stock. Our philosophy is, if we don’t have it, we’ll build it!

Not many of your wishes are too crazy for us to handle. We built in any size and material that you might desire. Due to our vast experience and knowledge, we can create the optimal housing for your animal and also install all the technique and enrichment and we follow all the latest insights in animal care and technical possibilities and innovations.

We’re also dealer of all the well-known brands and can supply all for your dream project.

All our builds can be accompanied by matching furniture like cupboards, dressers, bookcases, and side tables. This way it will better suit your living environment and specific taste.

Trade and swap

We’ve got a unique concept that enable any terrarium owner to swap or trade their “used” terrarium with us. If you want to buy a new enclosure, you can swap in your “old” one and receive a discount on the new project. We also buy your used housing if they are in reasonable condition or get shop credit for it so you can use that for other purchases at our shop.

All the “used” terraria are inspected, cleaned, and fixed (if necessary) so they can be resold and therefore we always have some nice “budget” prized enclosures for sale.

If you have any interest in buying, building, or selling a terrarium, please feel free to fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll contact you as soon as we can to answer any of your questions regarding the subject.